The NFT Reward Ecosystem

Paper, Scissors, Rock! ...Lizard, Spock?
LamboLanders has a carefully thought out rewards system which has already been implemented within its Genesis and CRASH collections. The first comprehensive iteration of this will be complete with the release of the RELOADED collection.
In its simplest form, the ecosystem revolves around an Airdrop model which is akin to one of the oldest tried and tested games in history - Rock, Paper, Scissors.
There are a number of reasons this model has been selected for the Airdrop rewards model.
  • It requires no technical equipment or costs to collectors (dApps or special token holdings) therefore has no bias towards the wealthy who can afford more NFTS or better equipment.
  • Performance of the model is not improved by providing additional funds, which evens the playing field between new and experienced collectors who choose to mint several NFTs from the collection releases.
  • The rewards model does not favor any specific body type, age or gender. Speed or timing are not of any real significance.
  • The model is easy to understand as it follows traditional rules. It also brings relevance to the entire suite of products.
Fig1 - Example of Airdrop Model
To elaborate on this in context of the LamboLanders Project the rewards model has been implemented as follows:
  • GENESIS Collection 1 - LamboLanders will be Airdropped to CRASH
  • Collection 2 - LamboLanders: CRASH will Airdropped to RELOADED
  • Collection 1 - LamboLanders: RELOADED will be Airdropped to GENESIS
Airdrops will only be performed for collectors where it is identified they are missing NFT products from the ecosystem. This is based on Holder token reports extracted from Polyscan. Exploiting or abusing this system to secure more NFTs may result in exclusion from the Airdrop model.

Expansion to the Airdrop Model

As time progresses LamboLanders may include additional collection releases to the Airdrop model. This expands the model to include the "Lizard, Spock" variations made popular by television show The Big Bang Theory.
Last modified 7mo ago