The Lore

The year is 2283, the Landers have been called back to HQ on planet Earth to prepare for a battle taking place in The Zone – a digital universe accessed by connecting the brain to an online network.
Dallas is amongst the Landers team, one of the few hybrid-human survivors of Earths final moments before the world was torched and turned into a neo-wasteland by an event known as The Mold. He hardly remembers how he got here, its been 200 odd years and his memory components are aging by the hour.
All thats left of the old world exists through The Zone and for Dallas; this is all he has left. His memories, his family and lover are all accessed through the digital space. An easy and regular escape for most hybrids.
Intel has returned communications to Dallas and the team, an unknown rogue AI is seeking to crash the Zone and end human existence. This would allow the AI safe passage to salvage the remaining technology on earth.
For Dallas, this is a direct threat to what remains of his human experience. Dallas and the Team must connect to the Zone and stop the Crash..
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