Meet the Team

Richard Woods - Creator/Developer

My name is Richard Woods (aka Mully), I am an NFT creator living in Sydney Australia and the lead developer/creator and founder behind the Lambo Landers project. I wear all of the hats and while that has its pros and cons I really enjoy creating digital things.
I have a background in Information Management and Cybersecurity and dabble in creative media and game development as a hobby. I am a self-taught intermediate level C# Programmer, SQL Database administrator/teacher (for work) and now have some Solidity experience also.
I love everything that most nerds love from Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering, Video Games and even creating my own characters! One of my passions in particular sits in the techno-dystopian genre of low-lifes with high tech gear (I try not to use the Cyberpunk word) but boy do I love Delorean cars. My favourite music artists include Carpenter Brut, Kavinsky and heavier industrial types such as Static-X – however I do listen to absolutely everything.
I have been working on NFT Collections since late December 2021 while studying a Diploma in Leadership and People Management, trying to exercise regularly and manage a family.
I am super happy with my creations so far and donating 20% to visual aid charities. I may be the only person working on this project but the community and people I’ve met on the journey are truly phenomenal.
There has been some challenging times in this project. I am forever grateful for all the people that have helped me learn, improve my skills and assist me in non-monetary ways.
These NFT’s are for you and remain affordable because of you.
I also help others with their projects from time to time and hope maybe one day I can open a studio to teach others how to bring their imagination into web3.

Ash Harris - Business Development Manager

As of August 15th 2022, the LamboLanders project is no longer flying solo.
This has come with the appointment of Business Development Manager, Ash Harris aka Peaky.
Peaky brings a wealth of experience to the Lambo Landers project which includes our partnership with NFT Apparel, merchandise design work and Discord moderation.
He is never short of a good idea and is a regular contributor to the projects undertakings.
Please join welcome Peaky aboard the team to assist in the business development space!