Project Overview

We want to merge the future of technology and artwork into one platform.
The core value behind LamboLanders is to make the metaverse, its NFT technical products and universe accessible and affordable to its community and everyday people.
We believe that the LamboLanders NFT universe, its ecosystem, and NFT products, will be a known entity which will absorb many components in the evolution of web3 which not only empowers its community through participation, but breaks down the walled gardens created by layered creations (such as mutation tokens or evolve dApps), whitelists or exclusivity.
There are two different audiences we are aiming to bring into the project - The first ones are the experienced collectors or the initial community. People with some knowledge about the space who are willing to support the project from day one, without tedious grinding or invitation competitions, all following the same ideal which is generating value to other project collectors with similar interests and have a genuine appreciation for the NFT project.
The second audience is the mainstream public.
There is no doubt that we are still very early to web3 - often general marketing methodology or social networking will not be enough to establish a sustainable following. While LamboLanders applies the best efforts to its art and products, it is understandable that the art style may not be for everyone.
LamboLanders aims to follow technology wherever it goes; this is a huge driver for the creation of its collections. A major pillar of each collection is the combination of both art and a technical piece. This allows LamboLanders to explore emerging trends, research new and available technologies applicable to NFT's and implement them within every new collection. When the mainstream public may not be interested in a particular collection, they may enjoy a product from another.
This enables LamboLanders to position itself as a sustainable pioneer in innovative NFT technology powered by a story line which ties our universe of products together and unites us under the one LamboLanders umbrella.