Our Values

"Where were going we don't need roads!"
Openess and Transparency
Transparency is about seeing things clearly and in context of LamboLanders, this is the first step towards inspecting and adapting, or changing things for the better. The LamboLanders project aims to consult with the community on many of its decisions such as the purchase of metaverse land or marketing payments. A discord channel has been set up to disclose all funding expenditures and holdings and maintains this as an open book.
Education and Empowerment
Being in a technology driven environment it would be a waste not the upskill the community or give them knowledge to build, create or improve their own collections. This is something that is commonly shared in the discord.
We aim to empower others by educating them in web3 processes, best practice in security and crypto asset management. The low price point of our NFT's provides a low risk platform for people to get involved and gain knowledge about crypto-assets.
Creation and Technological Innovation
LamboLanders prides itself on progressing with advances in technology and will always be creating things - whether in the metaverse or for other platforms. However, this is not about progressing quickly; some of the slowest and rewarding progress is often made around platform or software selection. The biggest challenge is often assessing these platforms/software for their functional and technical fit for the project. This is what enables us to move quickly as we become more aware of the infrastructure needed and requirements to build and deliver our products. Every LamboLanders product will mark the introduction of a new technical milestone which has been carefully researched and executed.