LamboLanders NFT

Whitepaper - 20 August 2022
LamboLanders NFT, created by Richard "Mully" Woods (Founder).
LamboLanders is a project dedicated to building a branded universe that exists in WEB 3.0 on the Polygon (formerly MATIC) network. The project aims to provide an affordable platform where both new and experienced NFT Collectors can safely learn about cryptocurrency and earn value from their NFT holdings in the form of storytelling and evolving NFT technology with each LamboLanders collection release.
As a holder of LamboLanders NFT's you will become part of a of a rewards based ecosystem designed to give its community the latest standard in NFT technology complete with access to story driven lore that will shape the characters behind the LamboLanders universe.
The core value behind LamboLanders is to make the metaverse, its NFT technical products and universe accessible and affordable to its community and everyday people.
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